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SET UHF Receiver and Room Transmitters NFM
UHF Listening devices or Room transmitters (bugs) have been around for many years now. These devices use Special Radio Frequency transmissions to send audio in real-time to RF Receivers located a short distance away (Up to 1km). These units can be used to remotely listen in to what is happening in a room in which they have been placed. UHF Receivers can be used to listen in live or with a recorder attached, a recording of transmitted audio can be made at the same time as listening in or alternatively a recorder can be left to work in conjunction with the receiver and voice activation facility to capture high quality recordings. UHF transmitters and receivers are an excellent alternative to GSM devices. In some ways they are more efficient because they can be set to work alone and there are no ongoing extra costs for transmission of audio, that would always be associated with GSM transmitting units, but the main reason is that they are not keeping the caller information and don't reveal the caller's identity.


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